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Chemotherapy in stage 4 cancers

29 Apr 2020
Is there any benefit of treating Stage 4 advanced cancers??

This is a common question which many people ask us when we disclose the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer to relatives. In most cases, stage 4 widespread cancers are treated with non-curative ( palliative ) intent. However if properly treated, even such patients can have amazing long-standing responses and good quality of life.

This 68-year-old lady presented with renal failure with a creatinine of 18 mg/dl and on evaluation was diagnosed to have cervical cancer with obstructive uropathy and multiple florid lung metastases. After initial stabilization and relieving the obstruction with DJ stenting, the patient was treated with chemotherapy. PET CT scan after 3 months of Chemotherapy showed a significant reduction of lung metastasis and cervical cancer mass.

Patients creatinine became normal and she is able to carry out all her routine activities. After maximum response with chemotherapy, for the last 8 months, the patient is being maintained on simple oral chemotherapy drugs ensuring priority on disease control as well as the quality of life.
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